October 25, 2010

    After 10 years, General Maritime Directorate and Naval School of Cadets "Almirante Padilla", and leans towards strengthening the national sea power, have resumed training for merchant navy cadets. This work reflects the need to include qualified personnel who serves on board of merchant vessels, foreign or domestic.

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About Us

SAC REGISTER activity is oriented to incline for the Safety of Human Life at sea and the Protection of the Marine Environment.

To maintain this Policy, SAC REGISTER shall carry out surveys and certifications based in its own regulations and in those issued by the Maritime Authority, the International Maritime Organization and other Organizations related to the Maritime activity, maintaining a high level of quality in the  rendered services.

SAC REGISTER declares itself staunched to the principle of consistency with the continuous improvement, maintaining a permanent training program for its personnel.


I. Rules Development that guarantees the necessary technical level in construction, maintenance and operation of ships.

II. To incline to the fulfillment to the requirements of  SAC REGISTER, and the National and International Regulations, being adjusted to the needs of the flag that represents,  and evidencing results through appropriate documents.

IIII. Carry out the inspections in an impartial and objective way.

IV. To guarantee that it’s System of Quality will be always in conformity with recognised national and international standards.


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